Paso Robles

Located between San Francisco and Los Angeles, Paso Robles is famous for its rolling hillsides to the east and web of rivers and canyons to the west. 

The region's mineral-rich history began over five million years ago. A series of glaciers and an ancient ocean left an abundance of fossilized sea creatures, limestone soil, and incredible geological diversity. 

Today, the site's famous microclimate features cool, foggy mornings blown in by Pacific breezes followed by a warm sun throughout the day. This famously high diurnal range creates a perfect home for our grapes, creating wines with a rare balance of ripeness and freshness. 

For Tapestry, the art of the blend is everything. We weave together fruit from select vineyards in both the eastern and western halves of Paso Robles, which include several of the districts shown here. This lets us create a wine of balance, complexity, and artistry: a true embodiment of Paso Robles.