Woven Together

We all come from our own backgrounds, have our own views and tell our own unique stories. Tapestry is about the art of the blend -- whether it's happening in the vineyard, in the cellar, or out on an adventure -- we surround ourselves with authentic people and new experiences to weave life's tapestry with genuine moments together.

Get started on yours by hitting up your friends for an evening of random and spontaneous adventures. By taking every chance to break the cycle with a new recipe or activity. And by always remembering to be your own driving force in living your story to its fullest.

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Entertain in style

Be the host with the most diverse flavors for your get-together with friends. There is no better way to surround yourself with new and exotic food pairings than with a charcuterie board. Check a few quick tips to make sure yours hits all the marks:

Be adventurous with your cheeses and offer an array of sharp, soft or even ones that crumble. Complement and give yourself a palate cleanser with a fresh pop of seasonal fruits, veggies & nuts. Followed by a salty note of savory meats like sliced salami, mortadella & prosciutto, spice things up with a side of Dijon mustard or vice versa with some fresh farmed honey.  

And finally, open a bottle of Tapestry Red Blend to help round out the flavors of each ingredient on the plate and to toast whatever adventures lay ahead. 

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