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Tapestry is our love letter to California’s Paso Robles and to the art of the blend. Just as a tapestry weaves together colors and fabrics, our wine artfully combines a variety of grapes from several sites across Paso Robles, creating a gracefully surprising wine that exceeds the sum of its parts.

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All artists love to explore, and this is especially true for winemakers. 

Brought to you by the winemaking team behind Beaulieu Vineyard, Tapestry is the gracefully surprising result of their creative journey into Paso Robles. See how a century of passion, craft, and artistry brings the unique flavors and textures of Paso Robles to life in this quintessential red blend. 

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Paso Robles is quickly becoming California's most exciting destination for red wine. Its diverse microclimates, bustling biodiversity, and famously high diurnal range creates wines that beautifully balance ripeness, structure, and complexity. Tapestry is a true representation of this remarkable region.


Make every occasion your own by blending new and old friends with the unexpected.